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Recovering your lost valuables and more!

         Treasure Locaters of Cedar Rapids, IA provides experienced searching and locating services. You'll get the extra help you need to find your lost stuff with our Garrett GTI 2500, one of the top metal detectors on the market today!

              Why hire us? You may have lost a ring. You may have lost a personalized bracelet or some other cherished piece of jewelry. These lost metal-based items can be easily detected with a modern metal detector. Instead of buying one yourself or asking all your friends if they have one - you can call us!

If we do not find your item, you are not charged. If we find it in one hour or less, your cost is just $50. After 45 minutes, we'll talk more and decide if searching is still a viable option. We can stop there or continue searching at an agreed upon flat rate, depending on the condition of your property and your interest.

We can provide metal detecting to the public for all types of valuable items at a very affordable price. Providing careful excavations, using minimally-invasive techniques, we keep disturbance of your property to the bare minimum. Detecting for non-valuable metal items is also available. We'll help keep your property free of dangerous and undesirable metals.

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Our service area includes Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, North Liberty, Iowa City, and the surrounding communities.

Contact Treasure Locaters today at (319)360-4293 for a free estimate.
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